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Tiny Monté

Flip Chair (14.7in x 10.8in x 11in) - made to order

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One Chair, many functions!

This Chair can be flipped so it is a comfortable seat for your baby, your toddler and your preschooler as well as a table.
Width 14.7 in
Height 10.8 in
Depth 11 in
Low seat height 4.5 in
High seat height 7.3 in


The fine print:

- All items are made to order 

- Delivery is approximately 2 weeks after payment is received

- Delivery is paid by the customer

- Our furniture is made for indoor use only

- We use a locally sourced red wood, which is dried outside in the sun before it is sanded and assembled. Some humidity can still appear in the wood, which might cause slight shrinkage/bending in the furniture over time, if kept in very dry environments (A/C)

- Imperfections in our furniture do occur. All pieces are handmade in an open environment where dust and other particles roam 

- Our furniture are based on international designs, adapted to the Ghanaian environment with the tools, wood and expertise available 

- Our furniture is treated with a natural, water-based stain, which protects the wood  

- Our warranty extends to the first week after an item has been delivered, where we will fix issues related to the build or give full refunds, assuming the item is in the same condition as when delivered 

- After the first week, our carpenters are available to fix any issues, should any occur, at a cost

- Customer service is our highest priority. We focus on working with our customers to solve any issues that might come up 

- We strive to build the best Montessori-inspired furniture using only Ghanaian materials and carpenters