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1. A dedicated platform only for baby and maternity items, meaning a dedicated customer base who wants exactly what you are selling

2. Our sellers make on average 650 GHc a month

3. You pay only when an item sells. Our commission is 25%.

3. We continue to grow. The sky is the limit!

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How to register as a seller


Step 1

Register to Activate your Sellers Account

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Fill out the Registration Form and choose your subscription plan

Activate your seller account to manage your shop

Step 2

List your Products on the platform

Upload good pictures of products

Step 3

Products inspection and validation

Submit your items to the warehouse for inspection and approval (only approved items will be available on the website)

Step 4

Access the Promotions and Marketing opportunities

Get visibility from our campaigns and promotional offers.

Step 5

Become your own ambassador 

Help sell your products by posting about Tiny Reusers on your platforms - we will give you posts and stories you can use

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Don't have time to organise all your items?

Let us do it for you!

For just 1 GHc per item we will organise, price, take photos and upload items to the website for you.

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How to upload items

Uploading your items

How to upload a product on the Tiny Reusers platform:

1. Login to your seller account

2. Navigate to the product tab and click on the products listing

3. Click on the ADD PRODUCT tab

Fill out the various fields of the product details:

5. Choose a product

6. Name the product

7. Describe the product in detail painting the real condition of the product but persuasive enough to attract attention

8. Pick a Product Tag from the predefined list to allow for your item to be visible on the site

9. State your competitive product price

10. Indicate the quantity of stock you have available

11. Indicate the variant details for "Condition" as follows: New, Like New, Barely used and fairly used. 

12. Indicate variant details for "Color"

13. Indicate variant details for "Size"

14. State the product brand in the custom fields’ session

15. Click on the “upload image” to upload a good product image.

NOTE: The product description should reflect the true nature of the items. Keep it real, but write a killer description. Describe the item in full detail and specify any flaws or defects it may have. Building trust on this platform is a must.

How to categorise your items

Categorising your items

“New”: All items that have never been used or opened and still have original tags on them

“Like New”: All items that have never been used but don’t have the original tag

“Barely used”: All items that have been used gently

“Fairly used”: All items that that are showing more signs of usage.

A good photo sells!

When it comes to selling stuff online, a strong lead photo is important!

Ready your items

- Make sure they are cleaned and ironed, and look as good as possible.

Set up your “studio”

-Use as much light as possible, preferably natural light. Choose a light coloured background such as a white sheet. Avoid prints or dark colours. Make sure your background is clean and decluttered.

Use the best camera you have

- You should use the camera that will give you the best results.

Don’t get too artsy

- No need for effects or crazy angles. Instead, let the item fill up the frame, take lots of photos, only take photos during the day and choose a neutral background.

Do some slight editing

- Once you've chosen the photo you want to use adjust the colour balance, brightness and contrast to make the photo pop.

If you are selling reused items, see if you can find a stock photo online, but always remember to include an actual photo of the real item as well.

The right price is key!

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Competitive pricing

- Do your research. Price your items based on market demands and not personal evaluation of the item's worth

Consider your costs

- Make sure that you’re covering your costs (materials, shipping, labor, time, etc.)

Think about value

- If your product is high quality or unique, you can charge a higher price. But if it’s a more common item, you may need to compete on price.

Consider your audience

- Take into consideration your target audience and their purchasing power.

Setting the right price

Important things to keep in mind!

1. Items for all sale should be clean, washed, in working condition and free of tears, holes and stains. Please only bring items for sale, which you would want to use yourself.

2. All items must be brought to our warehouse for keeping throughout the agreed upon sale period.

3. Items must be categorised using one of our four categories: New, Like New, Barely Used or Fairly Used

4. All uploaded items must have a product tag to allow for the item to be visible on the website

5. All items must have color and size to allow for easy filtering for the customer

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We promise to:

1. To do our utmost to sell your items on our website, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel.

2. To cover any items that break/get ruined in our possession (except for items that deteriorate due to the climate of Ghana).

3. To pay you weekly or at your request at your desired payment method.

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Your items are safe with us!